I first started ideating what a capsule collection would look like for Pokemon and I knew it had to be something that challenged expectations, was innovative, and would make Pokémon fans excited. 
It had to be Team Rocket.
 Despite being seen an "antagonistic organization" they have become a fan favorite and an iconic part of the Pokémon universe. Tapping into that edge, this collection captures that same sense of style, edge, and teamwork that Team Rocket embodies.
I wanted the marketing to be bold. I wanted it to be disruptive. 
Playing into Team Rocket’s antics, I had both PokemonCenter’s socials and website 
‘taken over’ by Team Rocket. Building anticipation leading up to the launch of the apparel line, those digital assets were sneakily shown to have Team Rocket starting their infiltration.
The collection also needed to have photography shots that showed off the apparels’ lux materials and subtle details. 

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